Egamebook is a project which strives to bring the gamebook (aka Choose-Your-Own-Adventure) experience to the ‘new media’ platforms (mobile, tablet, web, …) and to the 21st century. This blog maps its journey from idea to reality. Back to

Complex game worlds, simple interfaces 25 Aug ’15 The whole point of egamebook is to allow for complex game worlds that are controlled by a series of simple choices. By simple, I don’t mean “easy” or “without complex consequences”. I just mean they’re not a complicated interface.1 They’re a list of 2 to 5 options to choose from. You could say that even strategic games like Civilization only present a few buttons at a time. But you’re forgetting the world map where each of the thousands of tiles is a potential option. ↩

48% Americans know what gamebooks are 10 Mar ’15 I recently ran a miniature survey to gauge interest in egamebook and to find out more about the kind of people who might be interested in it. I thought I’d share what I learned because much of it could be interesting to others.

Blog started 7 Mar ’15 Building egamebook — the system for writing non-trivial electronic gamebooks — has been a years-long journey already and I have poured lots of energy, time and thinking into it.